3. Join 2nd St, Coral Tower and Goddard Hall to see Jersey Boys on Broadway!

    Sign up with a $20 co-pay in the 2nd Street RC!
    April 22nd at 6pm. 
    Meet in Coral Lobby (14th St & 3rd Ave). 

  4. ofthemilkyway:

    If I correct you on my pronouns, there’s an 85% chance it’s only because I feel safe enough around you and confident enough that I think you’ll do better next time. That is a compliment, ok?

    So please stop falling all over yourself with your apologies and sad eyes like you just ran over my puppy. MOVE ON.

    (via nyulgbtq)


  5. Tonight at 8pm in the E-Louge! Yummy gluten free desserts! 


  6. Chocolate Chip Pancake Cookies

    TODAY in the lobby at 1:00pm for Wonderful Wednesday!

    The Bisquick base of these cookies and the maple syrup instead of white sugar gives these cookies their breakfast-favorite vibe!

    Ideas for Wonderful Wednesday? Email RA Ash art312@nyu.edu


  7. You saw ‘em here first folks! Chocolate Chip Pancake Cookies for #WonderfulWednesday at @2ndstreethall (at NYU Second Street Residence Hall)