2. Join 2nd St, Coral Tower and Goddard Hall to see Jersey Boys on Broadway!

    Sign up with a $20 co-pay in the 2nd Street RC!
    April 22nd at 6pm. 
    Meet in Coral Lobby (14th St & 3rd Ave). 

  3. ofthemilkyway:

    If I correct you on my pronouns, there’s an 85% chance it’s only because I feel safe enough around you and confident enough that I think you’ll do better next time. That is a compliment, ok?

    So please stop falling all over yourself with your apologies and sad eyes like you just ran over my puppy. MOVE ON.

    (via nyulgbtq)


  4. Tonight at 8pm in the E-Louge! Yummy gluten free desserts! 


  5. Chocolate Chip Pancake Cookies

    TODAY in the lobby at 1:00pm for Wonderful Wednesday!

    The Bisquick base of these cookies and the maple syrup instead of white sugar gives these cookies their breakfast-favorite vibe!

    Ideas for Wonderful Wednesday? Email RA Ash art312@nyu.edu


  6. You saw ‘em here first folks! Chocolate Chip Pancake Cookies for #WonderfulWednesday at @2ndstreethall (at NYU Second Street Residence Hall)


  7. Women in Entrepreneurship
    Monday, April 21st, 6-8pm 
    NYU Wagner: Rudin Room, 295 Lafayette Street
    (5 minute walk from 2nd Street)
    Join us for an awesome discussion with leading women in a variety of fields including fashion, law, education, investing, finance, publishing, and more! From just out of school, to established startups and investors, these speakers will draw on their diverse range of experiences to offer participants practical advice and inspiration on how to take the world by storm regardless of your background and the resources available to you. 
    Refreshments and beverages will be served!
    RSVP to Courtney at cms800@nyu.edu